What are the features of the available STP options? 


Superchoice portal

  1. Uploading files
  2. File conformance validating on load
  3. Data validating - with custom rules allowed if required
  4. Viewing data via the portal
  5. Viewing ATO errors via the portal
  6. Emailing notifications advising of errors to view *
  7. Submission History
  8. Submission report generating (reporting)
  9. Number of users allowed (as requested).

* You'll need to log in to the portal to see the errors.

Ozedi Messaging Hub

  1. Uploading files
  2. Emailing of errors with an attached PDF **
  3. Submission History for account holders only
  4. 1 account allowed with multiple users.

** The PDF file will not include submitted data – just a document reference which can be linked back to an employee and the error message.

Features Comparison

SuperChoice Portal vs Odezi Messaging Hub


Both SuperChoice and Ozedi offer:

Only SuperChoice offers:

How will you tell us your choice?

You’ll let us know what you’ve selected by filling in the STP survey.  You need to complete the survey by 20 April 2018. It’ll ask you various questions to enable us to set you up on your solution of choice.

Outsourced Payroll Services customers do not need to complete this survey, as they will use the SuperChoice portal by default.

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