Why EmpowerHR?

EmpowerHR is designed and developed for Australian Businesses

EmpowerHR is an expert in the delivery of integrated people solutions and services.  EmpowerHR is a comprehensive payroll solution, with automated payment rules, that easily accommodates future workforce changes.  EmpowerHR handles Payroll and HR requirements for medium to large employee organisations, in Australia.

With EmpowerHR you can reduce your manual processing with flexible configuration options.  EmpowerHR provides an extensive Human Resources framework, along with the tools to design and configure the solution to meet complex HR and payroll requirements. EmpowerHR is a date effective solution that drives the core functions of HR to payroll. 

Key features & powerful modules designed & developed for the Australian market.

Benefit from automated & improved business processes & productivity gains.

Managing people is mission critical.  EmpowerHR does it for you!

With a 25 year history, EmpowerHR has been built to provide an integrated Human Resources and Payroll solution.  Many other solutions provide a payroll and HR solution, but rarely are they truly date effective, or able to manage people seamlessly through position and HR management.  EmpowerHR promises to empower your business and achieve your people vision.


We deliver a uniquely integrated people solution

Empower your people. Set strong foundations. Optimise processes.


EmpowerHR offers payroll management, HR, outsourced payroll services, leave management, employee Self Service (ESS), Health & Safety, rostering, T&A, and intellegent reporting.

Accountability & Ownership

EmpowerHR is a fully managed solution - we're your one stop shop!  We have collaborative partnerships and alliances, enabling us to embrace the choices that work for you.  We're flexible, agile, and genuinely care for your business.  

Personnel & Position management

EmpowerHR is a people management solution, empowering you to deliver industry leading employee life cycle services. EmpowerHR optimises your processes and people's performance and position management.


Recruitment, CasuAl Relief & Volunteer Management

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll processes, by engaging an HR solution that delivers greater value for the recruitment process.  Employee absenteeism charts and associated costs are easily viewed with ESS.

Learning & DevelopmeNT, Performance ManaGement

With information at your fingertips, you can make better, faster decisions.  Improve communication, workflows and the convenience of access to information by providing anytime, anywhere access to the system with Self Service.

EmpowerHR is native to the Australian market. EmpowerHR's sister product, Jade Star, is native to the New Zealand market.

Managing people is mission critical

EmpowerHR is a fully integrated people solution 

Your organisation may be large and complex, but does that mean your payroll and human resources solution can’t be simple to use?

EmpowerHR is proven to be flexible, scalable and easy to use. With EmpowerHR you can get more from your HR solution with a faster, flexible and more effective solution. 

Features & powerful modules developed specifically for the Australian market.

Benefit from improved business processes & productivity gains.

We help businesses innovate, grow & profit


There are a selection of case studies on our Fusion5 website. You can also view specific EmpowerHR success stories below:  

Australian Turf Club races away with EmpowerHR.

EmpowerHR manages position establishment and vacancy management for the Department for Child Protection & Family Support in Western Australia (CPFS)

Fire and Emergency Services Authority of Western Australia (FESA) are firing ahead with EmpowerHR's workplace Health & Safety solution.

EmpowerHR gains payroll benefits for Metro Media Publishing. 

Scott Park Group brings the hammer down with EmpowerHR.

EmpowerHR outsourced payroll delivers cost savings for the Service to Youth Council (SYC).  

Since migrating the entire business into EmpowerHR software, ATC has benefited significantly from the security aspect.
— Australian Turf Club
This ease of access and visibility has led to a major surge of interest in Health, Safety and Welfare reporting.
— David Goyder | Workforce Planning Consultant and Project Manager, FESA
The system was up and running within three months of approval for the project.
— Sandeep Bordia | CFO, Metro Media Publishing
We embarked on a new payroll system due to multiple systems being used to produce payroll across the organisation. After much research, we finalised on the Empower system being supplied by Fusion5. Their approach was very sound, methodical and systematic. The system was up and running within three months of approval for the project. The benefits we have seen are on-time payroll, great customer service and organised payroll duties.
— Sandeep Bordia | CFO, Metro Media Publishing
One of the biggest benefits is the massive increase of visibility as every staff member can now see the status of their incident report and the resulting preventative actions anywhere and anytime. This ease of access and visibility has led to a major surge of interest in Health, Safety and Welfare reporting.
— David Goyder | Workforce Planning Consultant and Project Manager , FESA
One of the other major outcomes has been that the Health Safety and Welfare team have moved from an administrative function in spending most of their time chasing up on claims, forms, repair work etc; they are now actively becoming a business partner in working closer with the field staff, including educating staff, investigating problems (known and unknown) and putting in place improvement techniques and processes.
— David Goyder | Workforce Planning Consultant and Project Manager, FESA
With EmpowerHR, ATC is enjoying many benefits. ATC is now able to receive detailed post-race meeting and events reporting, it has the ability to record training and skills, and staff are able to receive information and payslips online. EmpowerHR has changed the IT culture of the ATC. In terms of access to information and processing, Employee Self Service alone has enabled access of information by over 1500 casual and 200 full-time staff at any time.
— Australian Turf Club
In addition to the cost saving benefits of an outsourced system and the inbuilt processes that EmpowerHR offered, the software ticked the boxes in providing capacity for growth and an all in one Payroll / HR system. To ensure cost containment for future requirements, Fusion5 recognised the importance of SYC in the community and ensured the software was affordable.
— Service to Youth Council (SYC)
Managers now have hands-on access in real-time to all their employee details and can make timely decisions without the need to request this information from a third party.
— Service to Youth Council (SYC)
EmpowerHR has provided good time savings, removed bulk printing and distribution of payslips and payment summaries and automated many functions that were once very manual.
— Service to Youth Council (SYC)
In order to build a solution to cater for these requirements, the Department worked closely with Fusion5 to develop the software and required business processes. This resulted in a simple On-line Establishment and Vacancy Management System, using EmpowerHR as the single source of truth for the data. The interactive functionality enabled business units to provide regular updates on status, which in turn provided aggregate reports at a corporate level, and the system itself ensured that processes were standardised across the board.
— The Department for Child Protection and Family Support (CPFD) in Western Australia
Prior to the EmpowerHR implementation, Scott Park Group had not had an Employee Self Service option available for their payroll. The business has now implemented Employee Self Service and as a result have largely automated their leave processes through Self Service. This approach has provided benefits for employees, managers and payroll by automating the old paper-based leave process.
— Natalia Smith | Group HR Manager, Scott Park Group
Many of Scott Park Group staff are quite mobile, working between different sites. The ability to have Self Service available on mobile devices has helped with the rollout and uptake of this functionality.
— Natalia Smith | Group HR Manager, Scott Park Group

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