Improve your business processes

Providing software to automate payroll / HR processes is only part of what EmpowerHR does; our EmpowerHR team also provides the expertise to improve your business processes.  EmpowerHR is based on leading practices and offers a comprehensive solution to manage the full requirements of employees and managers.

We deliver unique business requirements

We know that EmpowerHR will meet your needs; we have made sure that the system can easily be configured for each of our customers to suit their current needs as well as future requirements.  We have also built into the system many tools that you and our consultant(s) can use to configure the system to meet unique requirements.

Focus on core business activities

With EmpowerHR you can be confident that your people management functions are operating with optimum efficiency, whilst having the strategic decision-making tools to focus on core business activities.

EmpowerHR is scalable and future-proofed

EmpowerHR has been developed so it is fully scalable from a single user to a comprehensive strategic tool for a large organisation. Every level of the business can use and gain benefit from EmpowerHR; its power and flexibility enables you to harness its full potential incrementally as your business evolves.