What does Ozedi Messaging Hub cost? 

Ozedi Messaging Hub

As an inhouse or hosted customer you can choose between SuperChoice or simply to use Ozedi File Upload only.  

Ozedi Messaging Hub has a one-off registration and set up fee of $15 (+ GST) per customer. This will be invoiced as soon as your choice has been made. 

Ongoing fees are priced per file transmission size and purchased in data file size packages.

Your data is paid for yearly in advance, for a forecasted amount. Transactions are based on the file size (data up to a certain amount).  Your amount of data is consumed as required.

  • If more data (than was forecast) is required; Fusion5 will automatically invoice you.
  • If you don't use all the 'purchased' data then this will be carried over to the following.

Ozedi Pricing Structure

The pricing structure for Ozedi users is dependent on the amount of data required.

Amount of Data

0.5 MB

1 MB

5 MB

10 MB

20 MB

Fees for Data






Example of Ozedi Pricing

500 employees, paid fortnightly would cost approximately $540 (+ GST) per year.

5000 employees, paid fortnightly would cost approximately $3,700 (+ GST) per year.

NOTE:  Please note these prices are high level estimates (based on our best assumptions) and we do not know at this time (with certainty) the exact file size of the ATO submission.


SuperChoice is the only option available to our Outsourced Payroll Services customers.

How will you tell us your choice?

You’ll let us know what you’ve selected by filling in the STP survey.  You need to complete the survey by 20 April 2018.

Outsourced Payroll Services customers do not need to complete this survey, as they will use the SuperChoice portal by default.

More information about STP...