Why EmpowerHR?

EmpowerHR is designed and developed for Australian Businesses

EmpowerHR is an expert in the delivery of integrated people solutions and services.  EmpowerHR is a comprehensive payroll solution, with automated payment rules, that easily accommodates future workforce changes.  EmpowerHR handles Payroll and HR requirements for medium to large employee organisations, in Australia.

With EmpowerHR you can reduce your manual processing with flexible configuration options.  EmpowerHR provides an extensive Human Resources framework, along with the tools to design and configure the solution to meet complex HR and payroll requirements. EmpowerHR is a date effective solution that drives the core functions of HR to payroll. 

Key features & powerful modules designed & developed for the Australian market.

Benefit from automated & improved business processes & productivity gains.

Managing people is mission critical.  EmpowerHR does it for you!

With a 25 year history, EmpowerHR has been built to provide an integrated Human Resources and Payroll solution.  Many other solutions provide a payroll and HR solution, but rarely are they truly date effective, or able to manage people seamlessly through position and HR management.  EmpowerHR promises to empower your business and achieve your people vision.