Useful Sources of STP Information 

The ATO have provided a short video that provides an overview of STP.  Take a look here!

Here are some summary factsheets available as handy resources. 

The ATO have available:

  1. STP Payroll Factsheet
  2. STP Payroll Get Ready checklist
  3. STP Payroll for Employees.

The STP Payroll Reporting: Business Implementation Guide (BIG) v2.0 is a guide the ATO have created which assists with understanding the business context around the functionality of the STP design requirements. 

The Single Touch Payroll Business Scenarios v 4.0 document created by the ATO provides scenarios to support Section Six (Scenarios) of the BIG guide above. 

Here's an article for Tax Agents, Accounts and Employers about STP from the tax experts.