Q: Aren’t some employers using Single Touch Payroll already?

A:  Yes, there is a closed pilot group who are using an early version of the pay event reporting service. This will help finalise the specifications for general availability in 2018 – in particular the handling of corrections and updates.

Q: What do we need to do to be ready for this?

A:   Read the following information, provided by the ATO around Single Touch Payroll.

Q: What will Fusion5 be providing?

A:  Fusion5 will provide a release of EmpowerHR that will send the required information to the ATO.

Q: Will EmpowerHR automate the submission process?

A:  Yes, EmpowerHR will generate the information required and automatically send it to the ATO.

Q: How will this change our use of EmpowerHR?

A:  The change is likely to be how amendments and corrections are made to previously submitted information. The ATO are still finalising how this will work. 

Further information will be provided on this.

Q: How will the employee onboarding process change?

A:  The ATO are still finalising the design here and it is likely the current processes will be streamlined.

Further information will be provided on this.

Q: When will we have a version to test this?

A:  In April / May 2018.

Note that prior to this, we will have already gone through a test / certification process with the ATO.